Antonina F Kolodii. Curriculum Vitae.

Contact details:
Ivan Mykolaychuk St. 24, apt. 13
Lviv 59079 Ukraine
Work address:
viv Regional Institute of Public Administration
National Academy of Public Administration
Office of the President of Ukraine
Sukhomlynskyi st. 16,
Lviv, Brukhovychi, 79491 Ukraine
Phone: +38 032 234 6135

Academic qualifications

  • Professor (1995)
  • PhD (Doctor of Sc.) in Philosophy at Moscow State University (1992)
  • PhD (Candidate of Sc.) in History at the Institute of World History, Academy of Sciences of USSR.

Current research interests:

Models of democracy; postcommunist transformations; theory of civil society; national consolidation and multiculturalism.


1988-1990 PhD (Doctor of Sc.) in Philosophy at Moscow State University. PhD dissertation: “Social Justice and its manifestation through the relations of equality and inequality” Moscow, Russia
1968-1971 PhD (Candidate of Sc.) in History at the Institute of World History, Academy of Sciences of USSR. PhD dissertation: “Agrarian Policy of F.D.Roosevelt : 1933-1939”. Moscow, Russia
1963-1968 Student of Historical Faculty, Moscow State University. Speciality/qualification: Teacher of history and social science. Thesis: Low-income farmers in economic crises of 1932-1936 in the USA and government programs to alleviate their condition Moscow, Russia.

Academic appointments and research programs:

2005 – present Chair of Political Sciences and Philosophy,
Lviv Regional Institute of Public Administration, National Academy of Public Administration, Office of the President of Ukraine
Lviv, Ukraine
2004 – 2005 Chair of Political Science, Kyiv International University Kyiv, Ukraine
2003 – 2004 Fulbright Scholar at Kennan Institute, Woodrow Wilson Center Washinton (DC), USA
2000 – 2004 Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Ethnology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Lviv, Ukraine
2000 – 2003 Visiting Professor of Political Science, National University “Kyiv Mohyla Academy” Kyiv, Ukraine
1999 (Oct-Dec) Visiting Researcher at The Centre for the Study of Democracy, Queen’s University Kingston (Ontario), Canada
1997 – 2004 Professor of Political Science, Ivan Frankó Lviv National University Lviv, Ukraine
1994 (Sept-Dec) Fulbright Visiting Scholar at Brown University Providence (RI), USA
1971 – 2000 Assistant Professor / Associate Professor / Professor of Political Science, State University “Lviv Polytechnic” Lviv, Ukraine

Grants and scholarships:

2010 Central European University. Designed and presented syllabus for the following course:Ethnonational Policy in Ukraine. Funded by: Central European University Curriculum Resource Centre, and Local Government and Public Service Initiative of the Open Society Institute Budapest, Hungary
2003 – 2004 Kennan Institute, Woodrow Wilson Center. Fulbright Program Grantee. Research undertaken:National Consolidation in the United States: Ways and Means of Managing Ethnic-Cultural Diversity. Funded by: Fulbright Program Washinton (DC), USA
1999 – 2010 Canada-Ukraine research projects initiated by: The Centre for the Study of Democracy, Queen’s University. Projects: Democracy Education and Building Democracy in UkraineConsultant of the project, book editor of the textbook “Fundamentals of democracy”. Instructor at national seminars on lecturership of the associated course. Funded by: Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) Ontario, Canada
2000 – 2001 Central European University, Curriculum Resource Centre. Elaboration of the course ‘Civil Society: Theory and Practice’ with the support of Curriculum Development Program. Funded by: Open Society Institute’s Higher Education Support Program (OSI – HESP). Budapest, Hungary
1999 The Centre for the Study of Democracy, Queen’s University. Research visit to Queens University as part of the Ukraine-Canada project Democracy Education. Funded by: Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) Kingston (Ontario), Canada
1997 – 1998 Central European University. Individual research project “Civil society and political development in Ukraine”. Funded by: Research Support Scheme of OSI/HESP Budapest/Prague, Hungary & Czech Republic.
1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998 (July-August) Attended International Summer School in Political Science and International Relations. Funded by: Stephan Batory & Ford Foundations Mierki and Crynica Gyrska, Poland.
1994 Brown University. Fulbright Visiting Scholar. Center for Foreign Policy Development, Watson Institute. Funded by: Fulbright Program. Providence (RI), USA

Courses taught:

  • Politics
  • Fundamentals of Democracy
  • Postcommunist Transition
  • Theory and Practice of Civil Society
  • Ethno-national Policy in Ukraine
  • Political Parties and Party Systems
  • Comparative Political Institutions

Professional appointments:

  • Member of the Expert Council on awarding PhDs of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine; Kyiv, Ukraine (2010-2011)
  • Member of Councils on awarding PhDs in Political Science and Public Administration at Ivan Franko Lviv National University and Lviv Regional Institute of Public Administration, NAPA. Lviv, Ukraine.

List of Selected Publications


  1. Transformation in Poland and Ukraine: selected aspects. Ed. By A. Antoshewsky, A.Kolodii & K. Kovalchyk / Wroclaw: 2010. – 746 p. (in Polish and Ukrainian).
  2. Fundamentals of Democracy. Textbook for University Students. Under the general ed. of A. Kolodii. Third revised and updated edition. – Lviv: Astroliabium, 2009. – 832 p. (in Ukrainian).
  3. Autoritarismus in Mittel- und Osteuropa / Jerzy Ma´cków (Hrsg.): VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften Wiesbaden, 2009. (Kolodii Antonina, co-autor. Ch. Temporary Post-Communist Authoritarianism and Democracy: Ukraine 1990-1994. Pp. 138-164; in English)
  4. National Dimension of Social Being. – Lviv: Astroliabium, 2008. – 352 p. (in Ukrainian).
  5. Fundamentals of Democracy. Textbook. Ed. by A. Kolodii. – Kyiv: IB, 2002. – 680 p.; II edition, 2004, 667 p. (in Ukrainian)
  6. On the Way to Civil Society. Theoretical Considerations and Sociocultural Preconditions of Democratic Transformation in Ukraine. – Lviv: Chervona Kalyna, 2002. – 276 p. (in Ukrainian)
  7. Political Science. Ed. by A. Kolodii. Textbook for university students. / A. Kolodii, L. Klimanskaya, Y. Kosmyna, W. Kharchenko). – Kiev: Elga-H; Nika-Centr, 2000. – 582 p.; Elga, 2003. – 664 p. (in Ukrainian).
  8. Lviv Region on the Threshold of XXI century. A Social Portrait / Davymuka S., Kolodii A., Kuzhelyuk A. and oth. – Lviv, 2001 — 352 p. (in Ukrainian).
  9. Contemporary Political Regimes and Transion to Democracy / Davymuka S., Kolodii A., Kuzhelyuk A., Kharchenko V. – Lviv, 1999. — 168 p. (in Ukrainian).
  10. Lviv Region–98: Social Portrait In All-Ukrainian Context / Davymuka S., Kolodii A., Kuzhelyuk A. and oth. – Lviv, 1999. ­– 347 p. (in Ukrainian).
  11. Election–98. Parties and Electorate in Pre-election Period. — Lviv: Lviv Regional State Administration, 1998. — 142 p. (in Ukrainian).
  12. Nation as a Political Actor. – Lviv: Kalvaria, 1997 . – 55 p. (in Ukrainian).
  13. Politics. Module Guide. Ed. by W. Kharchenko, A. Kolodii, L. Klimanskaya. – Lviv, 1994. Part 1,2. 144+159 pp. ( in Ukrainian).
  14. Social Justice: Problems of Theory and Practice. – Lviv: Svit, 1991. 200 p. (in Russian).

Selected articles:

  1. Multiculturalism as a theoretical basis for ethnonational policy: Possible modifications for unconsolidated nations / “Reformation of the system of state administration and civil service: theory and practice”. Materials of the annual conference, Lviv: LRIDU NADU, April 8, 2011. Vol. “Plenary session”. In Press.
  2. Determination of criteria and measuring democratic governance in Ukraine // “Reformation of the system of state administration and civil service: theory and practice”. Materials of the inernational conference. Lviv: LRIDU NADU, October 22, 2010. Vol. “Plenary session”. In Press. Determination of criteria and measuring democratic governance in Ukraine // In: LRIPA
  3. New institutionalism and its cognitive capabilities in political studies // Visnyk (Bulletin) of I. Franko Lviv National University, series: Theory and history of political science. Issue 1, 2010 (in Ukrainian).
  4. Trajectory of democratic transition in Ukraine (an attempt of neo-institutional analysis) / In: “Development of Democracy and Democratic education in Ukraine” / Research materials of the V International conference, Kyiv, Nov 8-10, 2007 (in Ukrainian).
  5. A Trial by Democracy: the dilemma of institutional reestablishing [reloading] in Ukraine // In: “Development of Democracy and Democratic education in Ukraine” / Research materials of the VI International conference, Kyiv, May 21-23, 2009 (in Ukrainian).
  6. Process of “elite genesis” in Ukraine as a consequence and a condition of post-communist transformation // In: Materials of the International conference “Quality of elections as a basis for consolidation of democracy”; (in Ukrainian).
  7. Transitional paradigm of social change in the light of Orange revolution / In: Transition to democracy in Ukraine: summary of the electoral cycle of 2004-2007. – Scientific writings of the National university “Ostrog academy”. Series „Political sciences”. Issue 3. – Ostrog, 2008. – P. 7-24. (in Ukrainian).
  8. Political transformation in Ukraine: institutions and actors / In: “Effectiveness of Public Administration”. A collection of research works. Issue 12. – Lviv: LRIPA, 2007. – P. 205-211. (in Ukrainian).
  9. Revolution, evolution, transformation: election of 2004 and 2006 as landmarks on the way to democratic state and civic nation in Ukraine / In: ““Development of Democracy and Democratic education in Ukraine” / Materials of the IV international conference, Yalta, Sept 28 – 30, 2006. – Kyiv, 2007. – P. 26-34. (in Ukrainian).
  10. The cost of freedom: institutional crises of 2007 in Ukraine and democratic perspective // In the book: “Ukraine and Russia: what unites and disunites our countries on the way to democracy”. Conference materials. Voronezh state university, Sept 21, 2007. – Voronezh, 2007 . – P.75-84; (in Russian).
  11. American Doctrine of Multiculturalism and Ukraine’s Reality // Agora. Issue 6: Ukraine and the USA. 2007. – P. 5–14. (in Ukrainian).
  12. Antonina Kolodij, Prawica, lewica i centrum w politycznym spektrum Ukrainy: retrospektywa okresu niepodległości, [w:] Czechy. Polska. Ukraina. Partie i systemy partyjne. Stan i perspektywy, pod. red. Krzysztofa Kowalczyka i Łukasza Tomczaka, Wydawnictwo Adam Marszałek, Toruń 2007, s. 40-67; 68-100 (in Polish and Ukrainian).
  13. Cultural Pluralism and Ethnonational Policy // Agora. Issue 4: Ukraine: Overcoming divergence, developing diversity. 2007. – p. 34-51 (in Ukrainian).
  14. Ukrainian regionalism as a condition of cultural/political polarization // Agora. Issue 3: Ukraine: regional dimension. 2006. – p. 69-91 (in Ukrainian).
  15. From „Grey Zone” to Color of the Sun: Orange Revolution and Democratic Transition in Ukraine // Agora. Issue 1: Ukraine: new perspectives. 2005. – P. 9-23 (in Ukrainian).
  16. Impatience as a Syndrome. Expert’s thought / Topic: Maidan, a year after // Independent internet resource “Dialog”, 29.11.05 (in Ukrainian).
  17. Today’s variant of half-parliamentary republic poorly serves Ukraine’s needs. Expert’s thought / Topic: Parliamentary change: problems of the ineraction of power branches “Dialog”, April, 2006 (in Ukrainian).
  18. In the field of constitutionalism I am a big conservative. Expert’s thought / Topic: 10 years to Ukrainian Constitution: from “one of the best in Europe” to legal chaos // “Dialog”– June 2006 (in Ukrainian).
  19. Ukrainian Orange Revolution: Substance and Lessons for Transitology // “Development of Democracy and Democratic education in Ukraine” / Materials of the international conference, Lviv, May 20-23 2005. – Kyiv: IB, 2006. (in Ukrainian).
  20. Fostering civic values in post-revolutionary Ukraine // 10 years of the school of citizenship. Collection of research material to the 10 th anniversary of Gryhoriy Vaschenko Pedagogical Society. – Lviv, 2005. – P. 42-50. (in Ukrainian).
  21. The Idea and Diverse Reality of Multiculturalism: Are They Applicable to Newly Independent States? A paper for the Warsaw Special Convention of the ASN. July 18-21, 2004.
  22. National Unity and Patriotism as Factors National Security / In the book: ­ National Security of Ukraine. Research Materials. Conference for Ukrainian Alumni of the USA Exchange Scholar Programs. Chernihiv, September 16-19, 2004. – Kyiv: Stylos, 2004. ­ – P. 39-61. (in Ukrainian).
  23. About the substance, ways and stages of the developing civic nation in Ukraine // Narodoznavchi Zoshyty (Ethnological Papers) – 2004. – № 5-6. – P. 12-25. (in Ukrainian).
  24. About Polytechnic Society in Ukraine: Quantitative and Qualitative dimensions // Ukraine: Problem of Identity. Individual, Economy, Society. Conference for Ukrainian Alumni of the USA Exchange Scholar Programs. – Lviv, September 18-21, 2003. – Kyiv: Stylos, 2003. ­– P. 239-264. (in Ukrainian).
  25. Ukraine still remains in the condition of transitional uncertainty. Expert’s thought / “Dialog”– February, 2004 (in Ukrainian).
  26. Ethnic/national identities and legitimacy of power in Ukraine // Bulletin of Lviv MNNational University. Phylososophiacal Sciences. Issue 4. – Lviv, 2002 – С. 114-124. (in Ukrainian).
  27. Language as a factor of national consolidation / In: Language situation and perspectives for language reform in Ukraine. – Kyiv: Kyiv Project of the Kennan Institute, 2002. – P. 24-50. (in Ukrainian).
  28. The substance of a civil society and some mechanisms of its influence on politics // Youth Vision of Civil Society – Lviv: NGO “European Dialog” 2003. – P. 5-12. (in Ukrainian).
  29. Soviet Identity and Its Bearers in Independent Ukraine // In: Ukraine in Contemporary World. Social, Ethnic and Cultural Aspects of Globalization and Ukraine. The Conference for Ukrainian Alumni of the USA Exchange Scholar Programs. – Yalta, September 12-15, 2002. – Kyiv: Stylos, 2002. – P. 36-55. (in Ukrainian).
  30. Ukrainian Federalism: Political Aspects // Ji (Independent magazine, Lviv). – No. 23. – 2002 (The presentation by A. Kolodii and the discussion). – P.81-120. (in Ukrainian).
  31. Ethnic differences and problems of the formation of a civic nation (on materials of the survey in Lviv region) // In: Development of Ukraine in Regional Perspective. Political, Economic and Social Problems of Regionalization. The Conference for Ukrainian Alumni of the USA Exchange Scholar Programs. – Kharkiv, May 25-27, 2001 – Kyiv: Stylos, 2002. – P. 171-195 (in Ukrainian).
  32. Problems of Nations and Nationalism in Contemporary Western Scientific Literature // Narodoznavchi Zoshyty (Ethnological Papers). – 2001. – № 2. – С. 199–211 (in Ukrainian).
  33. “Oligarchs” and “Oligarchy”: Meaning of Notions and Ukraine’s Political Reality // Research Papers of NaUKMA. Political Sciencies. – Issue. 19. – 2001 — P. 31-35. (in Ukrainian).
  34. Obstacles for Institualization of Civil Society in Ukraine // Materials of the conference: “Social reforms, Emergence and Development of Civil Society in Ukraine”. – Kyiv, May 30, 2001. National Academy of Public Administration. – P. 50- 53 (in Ukrainian).
  35. „Social capital”: substance and heuristic value of the concept // In: „Civil Society and social Transformations in Ukraine” / Theses of the Scientific Conference. Ivan Franko Lviv National University, Department of Phylosophy, December 13-15, 2001. – Lviv, 2001. – P.54-55 (in Ukrainian).
  36. Problems and Prospects of Civil Society development in Contemporary Ukraine // In: Development of Democracy in Ukraine. Materials of International Conference (Kyiv, September 29 – October 1, 2000) – Kyiv, 2001. — P. 513-551 (in Ukrainian).
  37. Historical Evolution of Civil Society and the Ideas about It (Formation of the Ideal) // Ji (Independent magazine, Lviv). – No. 21. – 2001. – P. 6-32 (in Ukrainian).
  38. Development of Civil Society in Ukraine // Ji (Independent magazine, Lviv). – No. 22. – 2001. – P. 21-53 (in Ukrainian).
  39. To the Question of the Typology and Genesis of Nations. – In: Ukrainian National Idea: Realities and Perspectives. – Lviv: SU “Lviv Polytechnic, issue 2. – 2000. – P. 5-26 (in Ukrainian).
  40. The Presidential Election in Ukraine: Mirror of a Society in Transition (with the assistance of S. D. Shenfield) / On-line publication // Johnson’s Russia List, #4028, 12 January 2000; The Ukraine List (UKL) – # 71, complied by Dominique Arel, 20 Jan 2000 (in English)
  41. To the Question of Political Regime in Ukraine: an Attempt of Transitional Approach // Suchasnist’. 1999. – No. 7-8 (in Ukrainian). ­– P. 84-96 (in Ukrainian).
  42. Theoretical Approa­ches and Empirical Models of Civil Society: the Problem of Congruence / In the book: Civil Society as Manifestation of Liberty: Central and East-European Experience. – Lviv, 1999. – P. 21-38 (In Ukrainian).
  43. Civil Society as a Background for Interethnic Tolerance // Ukrainski varianty (Ukrainian Variants), 1998, No. 3 (In Ukrainian).
  44. Peculiarities of Transitional Period and Selection of Democratic Institutions in Ukraine. – In the book: “Political Process in Ukraine: Present Situation and Perspectives for Future Develop­ment”. – Lviv: PAIS, 1999. P. 46-55 (In Ukrainian).
  45. Civil Life in America: Lessons for Transitional Society in Ukraine / In the book: Integration of Ukraine into the World Community. – К., 1999. – P.97-113 (in English).
  46. Election 1998 and Civil Society Formation in Ukraine // Ukrainian Variants, 1998, No. 2. – P. 20-29. (in Ukrainian).
  47. Democratic Nationalism and Liberalism about Individual and National Rights // Ukrainian Variants, 1997, No. 2. – P. 46-61 (In Ukrainian).
  48. Political Spectrum of Post-Communist Countries and the Prospects for Structuralisation of Loyal Opposition (a Case of Ukraine). – In the book: Political Opposition: International Experience and Ukrainian Practice. Kiev, 1996 (in Ukrainian). – P. 142-148.
  49. Political Spectrum: about Some Criteria of “Right” and “Left” Political Movements in Post-Communist Countries // Philosofska i Sociologichna Dumka (Philosophical and Sociological Thought). – 1995. – No. 9-10 (Kyiv, in Ukrainian and Russian). – P. 3-24.
  50. Review of the book: Dawisha K., Parrott B. Russia and the New States of Eurasia. – Cambridge etc., 1994 // Harvard Ukrainian Studies, vol. 18. No. 3-4. 1994. P. 400-402 (in English).
  51. Ukrainian Political Science: Extreems and Difficulties of the Formation Period // Suchasnist’. 1994. – № 10. (in Ukrainian).
  52. Social Pillars of Democracy: the Experience of Industrially Developed Countries and Some Contemporary Problems of Ukraine // Ukrainskyi Chas (Ukrainian Time), 1993. No. 1 (11) (Lviv – Kiev; in Ukrainian).
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  54. “The Concept of “Social Justice Revisited”. Vestnik (Bulletin) of Moscow University, ser. 12. 1991. No. 6 (in Russian).
  55. Review of the book: S. Baldwin. Poverty and Politics. The Rise and Decline of the Farm Security Administration. – Chapel Hill, 1968. Novaya and Noveyshaya Istoria (New and Modern History). 1971. No.5 (in Russian).
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  57. “The ‘new deal’ and low-income farmers”. Amerikanskii Yezhegodnik (Annual Studies of America), 1971. – Moscow: Nauka, 1971. (in Russian).

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