Presidential election as a mirror of transitional society in Ukraine.

Electoral campaigns in transitional societies are important landmarks on the way of entrenchment and stabilization (or, on the contrary, of degeneration and decline) of newly constructed political institutions. They reveal achievements of a society and its non-resolved problems, show the attained level of political democracy, cultural and moral climate. 

Up to this time, Ukraine seemed to develop satisfactory in political dimension, despite its constant economic decline and impoverishment of a large percentage of people.…

Civil Life in America: Lessons for Transitional Society in Ukraine.


Civil society includes ‘public’
which debates and discusses.

Ukrainian teachers and scientists who attended the USA according to Fulbright and other exchange programs get a unique opportunity to observe civic life in a country about which French traveler and political scientist Alexis de Tocqueville wrote in the first half of the 19th century: “Imagine, my dear friend, if you can, a society formed of all nations of the world… people having different languages, beliefs, opinions: in a word, a society without roots, without memories, without prejudices, without routines, without common ideas, without a national character, yet a hundred times happier than our own” [i].…

A Contribution to the Discussion of the Doctrinal Preconditions of the Deformation of Socialism

In order to cure the social sciences of many of their inveterate diseases, it seems to me extremely important and useful to support and develop in some measure A.S. Tsipko’s ideas on the doctrinal preconditions of our difficulties and failures in the building of socialism, ideas that have provoked such wide-ranging responses (see A.S.…