Civil Life in America: Lessons for Transitional Society in Ukraine.


Civil society includes ‘public’
which debates and discusses.

Ukrainian teachers and scientists who attended the USA according to Fulbright and other exchange programs get a unique opportunity to observe civic life in a country about which French traveler and political scientist Alexis de Tocqueville wrote in the first half of the 19th century: “Imagine, my dear friend, if you can, a society formed of all nations of the world… people having different languages, beliefs, opinions: in a word, a society without roots, without memories, without prejudices, without routines, without common ideas, without a national character, yet a hundred times happier than our own” [i].…

Thinking about Civil Society


There is no one generally accepted definition of civil society and there is no major agreement between social scientists as to the substance of this phenomena. Definitions range  from very general, like that of Michael Waltzer : “the space of uncoersed human association” [1] to much refined, as that of E.…